Nofei Yerushalayim, a nonprofit senior housing managed and run by the residents. They are involved in policy making, decision making and the selection of new residents. A general assembly is held once a year in which the annual report is approved.  The assembly elects the management committee which
decides on house policy along with two public representatives Nofei Yerushalayim is a public service, nonprofit corporation, whose members are its residents

Spacious apartments with individual design –   Nofei Yerushalayim has a variety of apartments of different sizes suitable for both couples and singles  There are cozy studio apartments, spacious two room apartments and large three room ones.  New tenants are allowed to remodel their chosen apartment according to personal taste, assisted by the house staff during the duration of the process.

Diverse high quality population – Nofei Yerushalayim’s residents are all people for whom community and high quality of social life are vital. Thus, our pleasant environment, beautifully designed public spaces,
excellent services and support attract many applicants  However all applicants are vetted and screened to ensure their suitability to Nofei Yerushalayim. The residents maintain an independent lifestyle; some
even continue to work, whereas others enjoy their retirement and continue to be active in the community at large.

Health Services – Nofei Yerushalayim provides the residents with 24 hour medical care and supervision. This care is provided by a permanent staff of doctors, nurses, paramedics and night duty medical interns, all of whom are personally familiar with the residents and provide the following services; ordering prescriptions, checking blood pressure, dressing injuries, injections, blood tests, arranging for various other lab tests, such as Glucose testing, insulin shots, making sick calls to the residents both in their apartments and in hospital.
Nofei Yerushalayim’s residents enjoy a subscription to NATALY, medical emergency services.

Social & cultural activities – Nofei Yerushalayim has a variety of interesting social & cultural activities which enable each resident to find their niche. In addition there are also many planned outings to concerts, films, theatre and out of town field trips.  As people participate friendships are created and flourish.

Service Package – Nofei Yerushalayim offers its residents a total service package to make their lives as comfortable and pleasant as possible. We provide 24/7 maintenance services, a minimarket, gym, restaurant, swimming pool, library, etc. there are also a number of public rooms which residents may use to hold private/family functions free of charge.

Entry programs – there are a number of options which are tailored to the needs and financial abilities of each potential resident. 1. Monthly rental, 2. Single payment entry fee, 3. Deposit, (programs can be
switched at any time). Monthly maintenance fees are identical for all programs, and they cover electricity, water, heating/AC etc.

nursing wing – Nofei Yerushalayim has one of the finest full care wards for people with specific needs. We provide short term and long term care, convalescence, physiotherapy and occupational
therapy. The ward is spacious and has a yard and garden adjacent to it. Each room has two beds (with an option for a private room); each room has its own shower, toilet, AC, TV, telephone, closet and
bedside table.  Families of those in care have access to the minimarket, synagogue, and restaurant as well as enjoy the option of renting a room for 1 night or more in one of our guest suites.
Medical care is under the supervision of Prof.  Zonnenblick of Shaarei
Zedek Hospital.

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Address: Shachrai 24 St. Jerusalem 96470

Phone: +972-2-6751311